Holistic retirement planning. Wealth management. Comprehensive tax planning. A 360-degree view of your wealth management. My 7 areas of retirement planning and wealth management will give equal weight to every area of your life and finances.

Intelligent Diversification

  • Growth Strategies: Owning the strongest stocks in up-trending markets and avoiding the weakest type of stocks during a downtrend
  • Protection Strategies: Owing the assets in down-trending markets
  • Learn more about our investment process in this linked video.
  • Medicare Planning & Guidance
  • Social Security Benefit Planning
  • Retirement Analysis/Cash Flow
  • Annual Tax Analysis
  • Tax Projections
  • Tax Review
  • Charitable Planning
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Estate Planning Document Review
  • Asset Titles
  • Beneficiary Planning
  • Life Insurance Review & Analysis
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Medicare Product Guidance
  • Helping a surviving spouse get back to a normal lifestyle

Retirement is the end of one journey but the beginning of another.